3/14/2013 12:26:00 PM

The World Gets a Pope, NYC Gets a Pope Room

Behold: The Pope Room
Vatican watchers who are excited about Francis have a new hangout in NYC: the pope room, located inside the just-opened branch of chain restaurant Buca di Beppo. This chain, which launched it's family-style Italian menu in Times Square in a space shared with Planet Hollywood, is new to the city, so we're just getting up to speed on the pontiff-themed private room. Here are some things we've learned:

1. The pope room is perfectly normal. While there is only one conclave, this space exists in Bucas throughout the country.

2. It's apparently the most desired table in the house, since it's the only perch that's semi-private.

3. While it's not quite the pope mobile, the statue sits on a lazy Susan if you want to take his holiness for a spin.

4. The bust in the center of the table will change now that there's a new pope. If you want to try to drop by and cart off the statue of Benedict, now is the time.

5. When security stops you after attempting number three, saying "the blog told me to do it" isn't gonna get you far.

We think it would be cool if you could have white smoke come out of a chimney once you're ready for your check, don't you?

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