3/15/2013 10:54:00 AM

The Tot Cart Launches Saturday With Drunk Cheese Tots

Photo via Flickr/BluEyedA73
Julie Crist loved tots before tots were hot. If there was a party, her friends knew she’d be bringing a tot dish. Six years later, the Temple grad is happy to ride the wave of tot popularity and bring the bite-size potato poppers to students via The Tot Cart. Starting tomorrow, look for the mobile food operation on the Temple campus in front of Speakman Hall every Saturday night.

The menu is all-tot, all the time. Crispy, plain tots will go for just $3 per cup, and there are also plenty of variations, each $4. Look for tots tossed in hot Buffalo sauce, “crab tots” sprinkled with Old Bay, Indian-spiced tots with a curry ketchup on the side and her personal favorite, drunk cheese tots, with a special cheese sauce that is especially satisfying when you’re, well, tipsy.

Drinks like soda, Hawaiian Punch and YooHoo will be available for $1 each. Crist played around with dessert tots, but hasn’t found anything she likes. “In the future I might do German tots, with applesauce and sour cream, but that’s the closest I’ve found to a good sweet tot,” says the tot expert.

Julie, who still has a full time job as associate director at Temple’s MBA and MS programs, first decided she wanted a food cart nearly two years ago. It seems almost surreal that The Tot Cart is finally happening, she tells us. “I made so many mistakes along the way that in the end it was one of the best learning experiences I’ve been through. I’m looking forward to helping others through the whole licensing process.” And we’re looking forward to trying those tots.

Thanks to Foobooz for the heads up.


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