3/06/2013 11:45:00 AM

The General Goes Cafe During The Day

You might have trouble scoring a table at Bowery hot spot The General during the PM, but starting today you can drop by in the morning hours and shouldn't have to worry about your reservation. The restaurant is opening its bakery at 6 AM seven days a week and will offer goodies from pastry chef Thiago Silva to start your morning. There will be cereal-inspired donuts with ingredients like Coco Puffs and Fruity Pebbles. There's also a "pretzel bomb" which is filled with egg and cheese (ham and bacon are available for extra). That item sounds appealing for patrons who may have had a little too much fun downstairs at Bow the night before.

There will be free wi-fi and Stumptown coffee will be served at the cafe of sorts, which operates until 2 PM. This isn't the only breakfast option on this strip of land with the Bowery Diner nearby, but this haunt opens an hour earlier for the truly bleary eyed (199 Bowery).


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