3/25/2013 12:25:00 PM

The Best Thing We Ate Last Night: Murray's Cheeseburger

When eating a cheeseburger, most people focus first on the meat. Not so at Murray’s Cheese Bar in the West Village, where the cheese plays the starring role in the restaurant’s take on this classic dish. Out of the four cheese options (rarebit cheddar, alpine fondue, pimento and creamy blue), we chose the rarebit cheddar at the server’s recommendation, who answered as if it was the only sensible option when we asked. And when the plate arrived, we clearly saw why.

Served open-faced, the burger stares nakedly at you, just begging you to drown it in the liquidy cheese sauce, plated on the side. We happily obliged, plus dipped each bite in the leftover sauce. The sirloin meat and brioche bun really just acted as the vehicle to eat as much of the tangy, rich cheddar as possible, and the housemade chips and pickle that come with this $17 dish are just as good dunkables. If there was any left, we might have asked for a spoon to finish it off.


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