3/18/2013 03:24:00 PM

The Best Thing We Ate Last Night: Shrimp Cocktail At Saxon and Parole

Brunch yesterday was all about hiding from the boozed-up revelers dressed as leprechauns, and Saxon and Parole was the perfect spot to camp out. We grabbed a stool at the bar and got our fill of Bloody Marys at their custom mixing station - you can load up you beverage with ingredients ranging from chilies to special spice blends created by the venue.

To go with our libation we decided to keep it simple and order a throwback: shrimp cocktail. The seafood hit the spot (and went perfectly with that Bloody) and was served with a sriracha-spiked cocktail sauce. The only catch: these puppies aren't cheap - they cost $4 per shrimp. But hey, considering they were tasty and provided a hideout from drunken clowns, it was totally worth it.


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