3/22/2013 12:00:00 PM

The Best Thing We Ate Last Night: Girl & the Goat Magic Beans at Little Goat

It’s a dish that is on the menu at Girl & the Goat, but we ate it at Little Goat, but we weren’t in the diner or the bakery or the bar. Are you following? We were at another installment of Marstercard’s Priceless Chicago series with Zagat. This time the once-in-a-lifetime dinner brought us to the private dining room of Little Goat with the mama goat herself, chef Stephanie Izard. When we say dining room, don't think a stuffy table in a white room. The space doubles as a kitchen, where Izard will hold cooking demos and beverage classes in future. Last night, it was where she prepared a six-course meal for guests and a long table steps away.

The menu included seared tuna with the flavors of mole, a scallop served with kimchi and chocolate and peanut butter covered Cheese-its. No one ever said this chef is not creative. But the best dishes are sometime the old favorites. In this case, it was Izard’s green beans. They have appeared on the menu of Girl & the Goat since opening and also have found their way to the Rosie show and into Izard’s cookbook. The dish is drizzled with a lemon juice, fish sauce, soy, Dijon and Sriracha emulsion. The tender beans were served with candied cashews for a salty and sweet side. People have claimed the beans have changed their lives, hence the name magic. We just think they made an already tasty dinner a bit more special.


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