3/29/2013 10:18:00 AM

The Best Thing We Ate Last Night: Crazy Chico at The Art of Chicken

Not only does this new Bucktown chicken shack earn points for the colorful d├ęcor of painted chicken murals and faux newspapers reporting on the antics of their mascot, a chicken by the name of “EL Jefe,” but also the food was good. Walk into the tiny The Art of Chicken and be confronted with two options: El Jefe or Crazy Chico. Both are marinated and flame broiled chicken - this place is not vegetarian friendly. The first is marinated overnight in juices and spices to created a smoky flavor, while the second is marinated in freshly chopped herbs and spices for a zesty flavor. The chicken is served with pita bread and sides are extra.

Before we bread down the taste – it’s worthwhile to note that our meal with surprisingly affordable. A quarter of a chicken with the pita bread, two salsas and a side of spicy elote-style corn on the cob cost a little more than $6. We opted for the Crazy Chico and were rewarded with very tender chicken with crispy skin. The flavor stands alone, but it enhanced by turning the bits of juicy meat into a pita taco with some of either the mild green or spicy red housemade salsa. Eat it in the restaurant at one of the wood tables or at the counter next to the chicken-coop style windows. Or take it to-go. Either way, we think you too will go crazy for this chicken.


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