3/19/2013 12:43:00 PM

The 8 Best Ramen Shops in NYC

Zuzu Ramen's eponymous bowl.
Spring is only two days away - but apparently no one told Mother Nature. In the final cold days of winter, while you're still marching through slush, we think there's nothing like a bowl of ramen to hit the spot. In the past few years, New Yorkers have fallen madly in love with their Japanese noodles. We've rounded up the eight best bowls - just click through to see where you can get your slurp on. Even though the weather is about to warm up, come spring, lines at these joints will remain just as long.


  1. Best Ramen Shop on Upper West Side....Yasha Ramen, the Tonkotsu is Rich and full of toppings - also a bargain and no lines

  2. Yes, I am surprised that nothing on the Upper west is even mentioned - and we have two great ones Jin on 125th and Yasha on Amsterdam - both a hit with me!
    Kathleen G.