3/14/2013 12:00:00 PM

Sweet and Savory Deals for Pi Day

By Sarah Freeman
The making of a perfect pie, whether of the fruit or pizza variety, combines art (making it creative and delicious) and science (precise measurements). Today is a day that celebrates some science (numerical value of pi – 3.14) with some tasty art – cheap pies.

Sweet Pie
Bennison’s Bakery in Evanston is offering individual pies for $3.14 while supplies last. Flavors include Boston cream, strawberry-rhubarb or apple (847-328-9434).

Savory Pie
One of our favorite designations for savory pies is preparing a special variety of its handmade Royal Pies called the Golden Tiger. It is veggie pie with a golden-tomato, lemongrass and coconut milk gravy (773-523-7437).

Pizza Pie
Snag a savory deal with not only a discounted slice, but an entire pie at Tuscany's. The regular price $10 - $12, but today only they will serve margherita, speck, salmino piccante and Fiorentina pies for $3.14 (312.829.1990).

Free Pie
Here is the deal all the pie nerds were waiting for: First Slice Pie Café will serve a free slice of pie at all three Chicago locations, at 3:14 PM. This applies to everyone in the café or in line at of 3:14 PM on 3-14 (773-506-7380).

More Pie
For more sewwt deals check out this list of Pi Day specials around Chicago complied by the Illinois Science Council.

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