3/20/2013 02:32:00 PM

Sneak Peek: Desnuda Brings Cool Ceviche To South Williamsburg

Last night we attended Friends & Family at the new Desnuda outpost in South Williamsburg, and realized that the migration of cool in Williamsburg from North to South is pretty much complete. When we get off the L train at Bedford, we have to walk past Metropolitan to get to the places we want to eat and drink these days.

The official opening date for the new Desnuda is March 21, but we got a sneak peak at the Latin cevicheria. No Ravi deRossi outpost would be complete without an ambitious cocktail program, this one run by Chaim Dauermann, who you can also find behind the stick at Gin Palace. We also spotted Aaron Polsky behind the bar.

They will be opening with most of the same food as the East Village Desnuda with a few tweaks, and cocktails will also be Latin focused, with an emphasis on pisco, cachaca and tequila. Chaim handed us a "Fruit Matter" as we rolled up to the bar, in a giant, heavy rocks glass, with La Diablada Pisco, Aalborg Akvavit, cantaloupe syrup, lime juice, yerba mate and orange bitters.

We're looking forward to heading back for oysters from the raw bar and a few more Fruit Matters, because you know, fruit matters.

The Details: 221 South First Street


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