3/21/2013 09:02:00 AM

Sandwich Board: Porchetta at The Corner Foodery

As soon as you step inside The Corner Foodery for the first time, after you blink a few times at the brightly lined beer coolers and find your bearings, you’ll wish a visit had happened sooner. Rittenhouse is probably Philadelphia’s swankiest neighborhood, but this shop is easily Philly’s hippest deli.

Restaurateur Tony Rim (The Corner, Raw) partnered with the owner of The Foodery beer stores, a longtime friend, to transform a former retail store into a half bottle shop, half counter-service sandwicherie. And while the brew selection is impressive, and a welcome, needed addition to the area, it’s those sandwiches that are the showstoppers.

The Corner chef John Taus designed the menu, and is in charge of making everything used on them, from house-cured charcuterie to fresh roasted turkey and seared sardines. Meatballs are made with the classic trifecta - pork, veal, beef - and make a surprisingly light but garlicky impression under house marinara and Parmesan shreds in a long grinder.

Our favorite has to be the porchetta, incredibly juicy, spicy and just-fatty-enough pork, sliced hot so it melts the aged provolone beneath it on a huge Carangi hoagie roll. Broccoli rabe with just a touch of char and grilled long hots with plenty of bite lie on top of all that, making the sandwich appear a formidable challenge. It’s not. Grab one of hundreds of beers and sit at a comfortable wood booth next to the brick wall and you’ll easily down the entire thing without looking back ($10; 215-567-1500).


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