3/15/2013 09:16:00 AM

(Real) Horsemeat Burgers Prove Popular at London Pub

As a reaction to the horsemeat scandal in the UK, two London pubs have added a 100% horsemeat burger to their menu. The Three Compasses in Hackney and Lord Nelson in Southwark are serving horsemeat patties with traditional burger toppings and fries and they are proving to be very popular.

Horsemeat is widely eaten across Europe and the two pubs aim to show that if properly sourced (and labelled) there is nothing wrong with eating it. Chef Michael Brown at The Three Compasses told the Evening Standard that horesmeat tastes, "very much like beef in texture and ever so slightly gamey" while Benito Prilo, co-owner of Lord Nelson added, "It’s leaner and denser than beef and points in the direction of liver."

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