3/07/2013 10:00:00 AM

Quote of the Day: Why Did Keith McNally Open Balthazar in Covent Garden?

"Oh, this is not the ideal neighborhood for me - too touristy, too commercial. When I opened Pastis, the Meatpacking was an area no one would visit unless they were visiting a prostitute--which was a perfectly good reason! Meatpacking was raw, with no other restaurant or bars. This area is the opposite. I got criticized for opening where Balthazar NY was, where Odeon was, where Pastis was, and where this is. Clearly, I like being told it's a bad location."

- Keith McNally sheds some light on why he decided to open Balthazar London in the tourist trap that is Covent Garden. He also discusses the menu and the postition of the bathrooms in an interview with Bon Appetit.


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