3/08/2013 07:11:00 AM

Processed Meat Cancer Scare

The results of new research carried out in Europe suggests that people who eat a lot of processed meat (bacon, sausages, burgers, ham, hot dogs, salami) are at greater risk of developing cancer and heart conditions which can lead to premature death.

Findings published in the BMC Medicine journal suggest that by eating no more than 20g of processed meat a day - the equivalent of a rasher of bacon, one chipolata sausage or a thin slice of ham - 3% of premature deaths could be avoided.

But Dr. Carrie Ruxton, a nutritionist from the Meat Advisory Panel told the Guardian there are many other factors involved and eating the odd bacon sandwich isn't going to kill you. "People shouldn't avoid bacon or salami because they think it's going to kill them, because it won't. We can't say that from this study. But we do know that processed meat has a higher salt and fat content, so having bacon or salami in moderation, and switching to lean red meat products, is a good idea."


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