3/14/2013 12:40:00 PM

Predicting the Next Kale: A Primer on 9 Trendy Greens

Could crispy collards be the new kale chip?
Kale. It's on every menu, in every food article, and in every cookbook that's been created in the past few years. Did kale hire a killer public relations team to make it popular? Was the green featured in a reality show? (It does start with a "K" like those other spotlight-hogging pop culture phenoms, the Kardashians.)

It's doubtful that kale's grip over the culinary illuminati is an accident but it's a reign that's bound to be toppled at some point. But what green will take hold of everyone's kitchens next and be on the tip of everyone's forks after the kale trend has waned? We've reached out to a few restaurants and done a bit of speculating in an attempt to predict the green's successor. Have other ideas? Nominate your favorite in the comments.


  1. The other night I had scallops, covered with the lightly buttered and sauteed outer leaves of the Brussel Sprout. Delicious. BTW- they were served over squash similarly sauteed and tossed with pancetta. Mmmm, mmmm, goood.

  2. Just look to the nordic cuisine. The next trend is ramson and thats a promise:-)

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