3/14/2013 01:21:00 PM

Pop (Up) Culture Captivates Austin

Last night we ate at Halfcircle Eleven’s first pop-up dinner at Donn’s Depot, yet another pop-up in our city in just a few weeks. The makeshift kitchen that chef Chris Chism had set up behind the dive bar, the home-cooked food and the diners’ enthusiasm reminded us of the panelists’ insights at the SXSWi panel “Pop (Up) Culture,” that pop-ups are alluring because they change our urban environment. They make it a new experience every time we walk down the streets of our city.

In other words, it’s a new way of sharing spaces and culture. Donn’s Depot or Franklin Barbecue can be transformed into another type of experience, one that’s almost always communal (which, surely, is why the much-ridiculed communal dining trend is so popular, as well as the move to a share culture that phenomenons like Airbnb epitomize). At pop-ups and supper clubs, people often say that the food was great but that the overall takeaway experience was so much fun. Why? Because it’s sheer delight. 

Halfcircle Eleven’s second and last night is tonight at Donn’s Depot, but stay tuned for a brick-and-mortar location from Chism as well as more events. We’ll also keep you informed of the newest pop-ups and supper clubs happening in Austin.

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