3/07/2013 05:40:00 PM

Photo of the Day: Slurping Turtle’s New Monday Movie Night

We feel the perfect cure for a case of the Mondays is a warm bowl of noodles, but not just any noodles. Instead of soggy ones in a can, try housemade noodles in savory broth, just like the ones served at Slurping Turtle. As of March 25, one will have the added incentive of "Beer and Bincho Movie Nights" every Monday/ from 10 PM-1 AM, the restaurant will show a different movie accompanied by specials such as Togarashi popcorn for $2, mini-ramen bowls for $7 and bincho starting at $3.50. The program kicks off with classic horror movies. We asked them which film would be screened, but all we were told was “We'd tell you which one, but we'd have to kill you.” 


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