3/01/2013 06:50:00 PM

Photo of the Day: The Pig Box Table

We know we have to stop taunting you about the Friday-only roast pork banh mi sandwich from the hidden gem, O Banh Mi, in Silver Lake. It's a sandwich you'll want to mark down in your calendar, set a timer for, do whatever you have to do to remember to go get it. Here's one thing that makes it so darn good: the custom-designed, one-of-a-kind Caja China box that owners Joakim Dahlqvist and Jens Hommert roast the little piggy in each week.

When you're at the shop, it looks like a weathered table with two cut-out wooden pig silhouettes for feet. But it's a roaster designed and built by Los Angeles-based sculptor, Jorge Prado; apparently the Cuban-born artist made the box for himself, but Dahlqvist and Hommert adopted it. So every week, after the pig is marinated overnight and roasted in the box, it makes its way into the shop where it serves as both cutting board and art (those piggy legs are removable for easy transport). We only have one thing to say about that: want.


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