3/22/2013 06:55:00 PM

Photo of the Day: My Last Bite's 300th Dish at Jitlada

Speaking of seafood, this gorgeous whole fried seabass with fish sauce is one of the last bites My Last Bite's Jo Stougaard ate to complete her quest of eating all 300 dishes on Jitlada's Southern Thai menu. After all the peppers, the curries, the heat - check out all 300 photos here - she accomplished her task last Saturday, just a little more than three years later, according to her Twitter and the LAT.

She says some of favorite must-try dishes for Jitlada newbies are mainstays like the green curry mussels, crispy morning glory salad and crab fried rice, but some of her personal top 25 dishes include the crispy catfish salad, dry beef curry and the secret "Jazz" burger, named for the chef's sister who runs the front of the house. What's next for Stougaard? Starting on Jitlada's new menu, of course.


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