3/08/2013 06:00:00 PM

Photo of the Day: Chicken Soup From an All-Star Chef

There are a lot of cures for the common cold - orange juice, calling in sick or over-dosing on DayQuil. No cure was going to work for one diner, who had a reservation at Grace and a serious case of the sniffles. According to Twitter, he tried exercising and willing away the aches, but his efforts were unsuccessful. As the hour of his appointment with chef Curtis Duffy grew nearer, he turned to Twitter to broadcast his pains as well as his intention to keep the reservation. The meal was “stunning,” and punctuated by a surprise invitation to tour the kitchen. There, waiting on a counter, was a bag of chicken noodle soup with the message, “Get well,” signed by the chef. Hey, Curtis Duffy, can you make soup for us next time we are under the weather?


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