3/27/2013 03:28:00 PM

Paleo Convention Hits Austin This Weekend

Photo courtesy Flickr user formalfallacy @ Dublin
Meat lovers, there’s more than just a pizza out there for you. PaleoF(x), a yearly symposium in Austin sponsored by Paleo Magazine to talk about Paleo and primal health and living, starts tomorrow at the Long Center Palmer Events Center.

Don’t know what Paleo is? Think a "caveman" diet full of grass-fed meats, farm-fresh eggs, nuts and vegetables with some fruit thrown in occasionally, to recreate the diet of Paleolithic man. The Crossfit community loves it and so do those with gluten and dairy allergies across the country, although others think we’ve evolved over the past 2.6 million years.

If you have a pricey $200 pass, catch sessions Thursday through Saturday like “Carbo Loading: A Load of Crap,” “Upgrading City Life: Experiments in Sustainable Paleo Living” and “Paleo for Endurance Athletes” as well as cooking demonstrations, or for a lower price watch the live stream. And be sure to check out the Austin Zagat blog next week for a recap.

Need to get in touch with the Zagat blog in Austin? Email Megan Giller at megzagATX at gmail dot com.

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  1. I think this would be a great event to know more about paleo. I am on paleo diet plan (http://www.paleorecipebookreview.com) for about 3 months now. Looking forward to join this. Thanks!