3/05/2013 03:06:00 PM

Our Austin: Dart Bowl

To celebrate our new Austin blog, we're highlighting the must-try spots for every Austinite (and visitor!) in the "Our Austin" series. Check for 'em every day to discover tried-and-true Austin locales that you may know well or may find for the first time!

This old-school bowling alley offers so much more than the opportunity to wear kick-ass tri-tone rental shoes and make your friends laugh with your questionable bowling form: the cafe also makes some of the best enchiladas in the city. These are pure Tex-Mex heaven. Think corn tortillas bursting with the yellow cheese of our childhood, topped with chile con carne and more cheese, diced onions and peppers. (Pro tip: try them with a fried egg on top.)

5700 Grover Ave.; 459-4181


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