3/12/2013 02:35:00 PM

Osteria La Buca Wants Interesting People for "The Salon"

Photo: Stephen Sakulsky
Can you create a great dinner party with a group of strangers? Osteria La Buca guarantees it, or at least will offer a free meal to find out. On the heels of its successful all-you-can-eat spaghetti dinners held in the second-floor of the Melrose restaurant, the owners want to take it a step further with The Salon, monthly private dinners with a curated guest list of, they hope, interesting contemporary artists, writers, talented chefs, musicians, city planners or political activists, "anyone with important thoughts." Yes, that includes foodists.

Invitees for the inaugural Salon, which takes place on March 28, will be hand-selected by the owners and La Buca staff based on submissions explaining why they should be at the table. It can be anything from a screenplay to a painting to a haiku; creativity gets the spaghetti. After the first dinner, those guests will select guests for the next Salon, and so on and so forth. It's not quite the Algonquin Round Table, but you never know. To join the party, email your submissions (that you're a sparkling conversationalist, that you deserve to get a free pasta dinner, etc.) to salon@osterialabuca.com.

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