3/21/2013 01:23:00 PM

Opa’s Five-Course Feast for Greek Independence Day

March 25 is Greek Independence Day, and while celebrating on the Mediterranean might be somewhat dampened lately, there’s no such issue at Opa in Midtown Village. The one nod brother and sister proprietors George and Vasiliki Tsiouris make to economic hardship is the killer deal on Monday’s special feast: five courses for just $25, and wine or spirits pairing for another $25.

Look for spanakopita (pictured above), olives, feta, orzo stew, grilled sardines, skorthalia (garlic dip) and other traditional favorites, all prepared in the taverna’s signature modern style. Baklava and Greek honey beignets will be waiting for dessert. Reservations are highly recommended (215-545-0170).


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