3/28/2013 03:36:00 PM

Now Rolling: Sweet Lucie's Vintage Ice Cream Truck

Every food truck is basically a refurbished old roach coach, but we like those who think outside the box for their four-wheel kitchens. The Coolhaus gals transformed an old mail truck for their architecturally themed ice cream sandwiches (it’s now permanently parked at Space 15 Twenty near Urban Outfitters in Hollywood), and now there’s Sweet Lucie’s vintage 1959 ice cream truck serving, what else, organic, seasonal ice creams.

The truck is just the latest from Geri and Mike Czako, who started Sweet Lucie's in 2009 when Geri was pregnant with their first child (Lucie) and started making the ice cream she craved. Until now, you may have seen them at various events like the Street Food Fest, or scooping from a sweet little push cart at parties or weddings. But the truck, which has taken four years to completely restore, just recently started rolling to weekend farmers markets and food truck gatherings (Art Walk, First Fridays in Venice, etc.).

The ice creams and sorbets, made from premium organic-certified ingredients and fair trade vanilla, chocolates, teas and coffees, come in flavors like banana, black sesame, chai latte, pistachio with truffle honey caramel swirl (gasp), and grapefruit, blueberry mint lemonade and mango sorbets. There are toppings and sauces and sundaes and cones, everything you want an old-timey-looking ice cream truck to have. This weekend the truck rolls into the Calabasas Farmers Market on Saturday, and is usually set up at the Palisades Farmers Market on Sundays. Follow on Twitter or Facebook for location and flavor updates.


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