3/05/2013 10:17:00 AM

Novikov Saturday Cooking Classes

Learn to cook in a swanky Mayfair restaurant and then invite your friends to come and eat the food you prepared.

If that sounds like your ideal Saturday sign up for the new monthly masterclass series at Novikov's Italian restaurant. Launching on Saturday March 23, the first session will focus on how to cook roast lamb. The day starts at 10 AM with coffee and a quick intro before Chef Carmelo Carnevale guides you through the steps to prepare a succulent Sardinian lamb.

While your meal is cooking the Novikov sommelier will discuss wine pairing, and then once everything is ready your friends can join you for a late lunch in the restaurant. It's a day out and a home cooked meal in one.

Novikov Restaurant & Bar, 50 Berkeley St., W1J 8HA


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