3/05/2013 12:54:00 PM

New York's 12 Strangest Culinary Experiences

Being led into a darkened dining room at Dans Le Noir
Let's be clear about something: in the world of NYC dining, when it's easy to become jaded from all the options, a little strangeness can be a good thing. Whether you're eating Filipino fare straight off the table with your hands or sitting at a school desk and chowing down on foie gras in Queens, the dining experiences below are some of the most unique and memorable in New York City. Click through the slide show to see some of the Big Apple's most off-the-wall edible experiences, and let us know about others you've encountered in the comments. Oh, and if you're going to do battle with that live octopus in Flushing, well, you're braver than we are.


  1. I simply can't believe that people who know of Kenny's rudeness still goes to Shopsin's to eat. WTF are they thinking? I don't care how good the food may be. That man doesn't deserve the honor of serving the people of NYC. He should be serving time in a mental health facility. He's a disgrace to the NY restaurant community.

    Paulie Gee

  2. I am a member of MoMA and I go regularly there. During my visits I sit in the 2nd Floor cafeteria to rest and have their wonderful polenta or their great tuna sandwich; sometimes, only a coffee or a hot chocolate. PS1 is part of MoMA. As such, I went the other day and enjoyed the exhibitions and then felt like resting and having a coffee. Not such luck. The only place to do so is the Dinette. The place is horrid and the staff is rude. They said that to have coffee ONLY (emphasis given by the staff) I had to sit in the back, in uncomfortable chairs, not at the table, though there were quite a few empty spots. The coffee was horrendous and the chair... well, if you are 12 it might be OK, but not if you are 70, like I am. I got punished for not asking for food, which, by the way, looks and smells like school cafeteria chow but at bistro prices. Thanks to the Dinette, I will forgo visiting the PS1 exhibitions and stick to MoMA.

  3. Better get banya food at the Russian Bathhouses in Brooklyn, or even the one on Wall St. This EV banya isn't the most pleasant place to be in...always crowded, gross and rundown.