3/01/2013 12:34:00 PM

New La Colombe Cafe (Plus More) Planned for Fishtown

Thanks to Eater, we heard this week that local roaster La Colombe is planning new cafes in three cities, including one in Philadelphia. Even more exciting is the news that the Fishtown storefront will be much more than just a cafe. It will have a coffee lab, a cupping room, killer coffee kits, a bakery and a distillery. “I wouldn’t be surprised if Fishtown didn’t become our new flagship,” co-founder Todd Carmichael says.

Co-founder JP Iberti has been baking bread at the company’s roasting facility for fun, multiple kinds from sourdough to ciabatta to challah. He has equipment to make 18-20 loaves at a time, but up until now these have just been for employees to take home or enjoy at big Friday staff meals. The new storefront will give him a chance to share it with the public.

“There’s a huge sweet spot with bread and coffee,” Iberti says, adding, “Don’t worry, it won’t just be me baking bread for everyone. I know there are better bakers out there. I’m just excited about the chance to have my office right next to real cafe again, like we did when we first opened in Rittenhouse.”

There are also plans to share the rum a company manager has been distilling for fun. “Tobin has been making the rum. He’s Swiss, so he’s incredibly patient and methodical about everything,” Iberti tells us, “That must be why it worked so well. I’ve been blown away by how good it tastes, right off the bat. He made some really good rum - the color is beautiful.”

At the new cafe, “We’re going to introduce more of what we do behind the scenes at the roastery,” Carmichael says, “ In short we've decided to unveil more of who we are.” Stay tuned for more as the opening draws near, and read our interview with JP Iberti here.


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