3/13/2013 03:07:00 PM

New Dessert Menu at Vedge Includes Scotch Bonnet Ice Cream

Kate Jacoby just unleashed a quad of new desserts to tempt diners at Vedge, around 90% of whom she estimates indulge in a sweet finale at the Locust Street restaurant. All four are pretty unique, and use savory touches to explore new flavors that complement Rich Landau’s dinner menu.

A recent family trip to Jamaica inspired the coconut spice cake, which Jacoby calls “a little cruise ship from Philly to the tropics.” Scotch bonnets - the local version of habaneros - are used in the ice cream, and a jerk mango sauce and smoked granola are also on the plate. Lest one forget, there’s zero dairy in any of these; coconut milk and coconut oil provide the base and the rich, creamy textures.

The white chocolate panna cotta was the fruit of other recent travels, this time in the opposite direction to do a guest dinner at Laloux in Montreal. When there, Jacoby discussed the pairing of black truffle with white chocolate with pastry chef Valentin Wajda, and it shows up here in a black truffle elephant ear cookie perched on top of the pudding, accented by blood orange agrodolce.

Pomegranate jelly donut and saffron cheesecake are the other newcomers, and popular fave “chocolate uber chunk” has stayed on the menu. Jacoby is quick to spread credit to Allison Ford and Kelly McKeown in her pastry department. Each dish runs $8-$9 (215-320-7500).

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