3/06/2013 12:12:00 PM

New Bar Food Deals at Meritage and Square Peg

"Coffee and donuts" at Square Peg
Looking for some evening sustenance that won’t take too much of a dent out of the cash you’ve earned that day? In Rittenhouse, Meritage is now offering the “Lombard Twenty,” which brings a kobe beef burger with caramelized onions and sesame slaw plus a glass of cabernet for a clean $20. It’s available 5-7 PM, Tuesday-Thursday (215-985-1922).

At Square Peg on 10th and Walnut, you can go the opposite route and snack on small bites all night long. A special menu of $2-$3 snacks will be available from 5 PM on, everyday. Recent offerings included fried-chicken-kimchi tacos, Moroccan-spiced salmon rillettes and bacon-foie-gras popcorn. There’s also the item pictured above, which is billed as “coffee and donuts.” Very intriguing (215-413-3600).


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