3/18/2013 03:00:00 PM

New App Turns Flying Into a Game, Scores Airline Miles

Photo courtesy of AT&T.
The airport experience has gotten pretty bleak, so you can understand why some travelers dread it. But Mokiico, a new app developed at a South by Southwest travel hackathon last week, could put some fun back into the experience. Fliers would score points for completing certain activities like checking in for a flight by a certain time or buying your beach reads at a particular airport vendor. The points could then be redeemed for airline miles. Sponsored by AT&T and American Airlines, the hackathon resulted in other great ideas—an app that automatically alerts friends and family members on your safe arrival, another that gives real-time delay, flight change and airport travel time info. However, the apps are all still in the idea phase. But we hope to be downloading and putting Mokiico to the test soon. 


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