3/15/2013 10:21:00 AM

Massive Barn Joo Launches With Music, Korean Fried Chicken in Flatiron

How funny, we were just saying to ourselves "What the NYC dining scene needs is an 8,000 square foot restaurant and performance venue that serves Korean fried chicken." Wish, granted. Barn Joo, which has been in soft-open mode for about a week, had it's official grand opening last night in the Flatiron District near Union Square. The eatery takes its name from a Korean phrase that means music that accompanies your meal and there's a live stage for music. There's also two bars in a space that is decorated with soft yellow light and thick ropes strung throughout the room, while a basement lounge provides even more space for revelers.

But we suspect the chicken is what will draw most folks into the venue, which is located in the Hotel Verite. The venue uses Korean bay salt and chicken from Quattro farms for it's signature dish, which is available with in varieties like soy garlic and extremely spicy "diablo." If you're not in the mood for KFC you can check out a selection of Korean small plates - see details about the menu here (893 Broadway; 646-398-9663).


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