3/19/2013 01:00:00 PM

Mark Gold Sells Eva, Decamps for Manhattan Beach

It wasn't too long ago that chef Mark Gold and wife Alejandra begged for help to save Eva, the Beverly Boulevard bistro the two opened in 2009. "We need to raise $12k by Thursday to keep our doors open!!! We are required to file an appeal with the city of Los Angeles to relocate 4 parking spaces," they pleaded. "We will not be able to keep our liquor license without it, and we will have to close." Gold was staging at Noma in Copenhagen at the time, and when he returned, it seemed the outpouring of love did actually help: the restaurant remained opened. But that was then.

Eater reports that Gold has closed Eva with plans to sell. While signs on the door say the bistro is closed for vacation and renovations, Gold has not intention to reopen it upon his family's return. "I was offered a partnership in a new restaurant opening up in Manhattan Beach; an opportunity that I could not pass up," he says. He cites the "issues" and and "conditions" he's had with the space (i.e. neighborhood association), and that it was simply time to "find something bigger."

Gold is finalizing details on his South Bay project, and new tenants are already moving into Eva. More details on both soon.


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