3/06/2013 02:21:00 PM

Marilyn Hagerty Revisits The Olive Garden One Year Later

Image via Grand Forks Herald
By Kelly Dobkin
Viral North Dakota food critic Marilyn Hagerty revisited the Olive Garden a year after the original review that catapulted her to super stardom, touching on her own rise to fame in the write-up but noting that the restaurant is one of the town's busiest. She also writes that the food is 'predictable' and that the restaurant is 'no longer a novelty' in Grand Forks: "Pluses and minuses: The food is predictable, down to the four or five black olives you find in the salad bowl. The vegetable soup is hearty and satisfying. Children are well-treated with color crayons and choices including a little cup of grapes as one of the side dishes." Read the whole thing here. [via Eater]


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