3/21/2013 04:59:00 PM

Maison Brasserie to Close on March 30, After Nine Months in Business

Hidden gem of a French restaurant, Maison Brasserie, announced it will close on March 30. The restaurant opened nine months ago in the Lakeshore East neighborhood. Yes, that is a real place, just north of Millennium Park, and it is impossible to find. Location is a major factor in the closing. The restaurant was hidden by adjacent office buildings, and according to Chicago Tribune, no street signage was installed until earlier this month. As trendy as super secret restaurants are, that business plan does not fly with a upscale fresh eatery with an adjoining bar. The restaurant is owned by Sue Kim-Drohomyrecky and Peter Drohomyrecky, who also were responsible for recently closed Custom House Tavern . The couple also owns Eggy’s Diner, located just below Maison Brasserie in an even more inconspicuous location. The diner will be taken over by the landlord, but will remain open.


  1. They closed because they are nasty people
    Who were sued by their landlord for stealing hundreds of thousands of dollars. Read the craines article!!

  2. Here are the legal papers. Sue Kim-Drohomyrecky and Peter Drohomyrecky are crooks.


  3. The landlord has no intention of closing the restaurant.

  4. Thank god...we had an waiter named Eric. Tall, very flamboyant character who was the farthest from a good waiter. He made us feel out of place and my family unwelcomed, while the whole time hiding behind a fake grin that even the busboy who stood uncomfortably noticed. If that restaurant closed because of service from waiters such as him then I wouldn't be surprised; hospitality is everything and that person had anything far from kindness. If your miserable, leave it at home, don't ruin someone else's let alone family's evening because you're unhappy.