3/19/2013 02:57:00 PM

LTH Forum Releases 2013 List of Great Neighborhood Restaurants

LTH Forum, the virtual chat room for all Chicago restaurants, revealed their 2013 list of great neighborhood restaurants. The list was assembled by a committee of active users on the forum as well as moderators. It includes everything from favorite gin bar, Scofflaw, to Chinatown staple, Go $ Food and a few restaurants only known by the foodiest of foodies. A celebration of the honorees will be held on April 15, appropriately at one of the neighborhood gems, Cafe Orchid. Check out the list below and read why each was selected here.

The ones you might know:
EL ideas
Go 4 Food

The ones you might not:
Cafe Orchid
Da Rae Jung
Ghareeb Nawaz
New Eangland Seafood Company

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  1. Please correct the post--the GNR dinner is NOT at Cafe Orchid. It's at Half Acre Brewery on Monday, April 15th.

    You might want to correct the typo as well--it's New ENGLAND Seafood Company. And they've been featured on 4-5 different food shows in the last few months, including Check Please, so not sure why you think no one's ever heard of them...