3/08/2013 12:49:00 PM

Lobster Bliss Tops Off Oyster House Dump Dinners

The lobster that comes on top of Oyster House’s seafood feast known as the “dump dinner” may be the best lobster in Philadelphia. (At $25 per person for the whole shebang, it may also provide the best value.) Lobster shows up as an ingredient in all kinds of fancy dishes, but real fans know that when it’s fresh, the sweet meat needs nothing more than a quick, in-shell steam.

When you gather six or more friends and order the dump dinner at the Sansom Street seafooder, you can get your hands appropriately dirty digging into the half-lobster each person gets, since your entire table will be covered in newspaper in anticipation of the feast. The tails are already split and the claws are half-cracked for you, so you’ll get an easy version of the primal fun of lobster meat extraction. Even better, that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

When you finally lift your head after decimating your lobster, you’ll see the rest of the pot staring back at you. It’s filled with a huge helping of more seafood - steamed clams and mussels - along with chunks of spicy sausage and braised greens, all swimming in a salty, garlicky broth. Add the $20 per person all-you-can-drink beverage pairing, which includes Narragansett pounders, red and white wine and Kelly’s Punch, and you’ll be in seafood heaven (215-567-7683).


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