3/25/2013 08:04:00 PM

Live Blog and Video: Chicago's 30 Under 30, 2013 Edition

Tonight we're coming to you live from Nellcôte in the West Loop, where we've gathered for a bash to celebrate the latest group of 30 under 30 honorees. These young up-and-comers have made a huge impact on the Windy City's scene, and tonight they're scheduled to make an even bigger dent in the restaurant's champagne supply. Stay tuned for live updates here, and tune in at 7:30 CST for a live streaming Google+ Hangout.

7:03 PM: The doors have opened, this party is officially a par-TAY!

7:06 PM: Double countdown begins now. First to the awards ceremony, then to the moment when tipsy party goers try to steal these Zagat branded pillows. Note to sneaky pillow thieves: we will find you.

7:14 PM: Nellcôte is located in one of the city's hottest neighborhoods for restaurants - we've got Girl and the Goat, Au Cheval, Maudes Liquor Bar  and plenty of others. We think a little hopping is going to be in order after the shindig - if we're still standing, that is.

7:17 PM: We're gonna take a few minutes and get ready for our live web show (hair this good doesn't come easy). You can tune in and watch it right here around 7:30, and afterwards stick around for more live blogging, which we promise will be EPIC.

8:06 PM: And we're back... note to self, after downing one high-proof gin cocktail and a glass of champagne during a hangout, live blogging is a bit trickier.

8:15 PM: Live blogger's eye view (seems sketchy but don't be judgin')!

8:20 PM: Spotted  - Stephanie Izard, Curtis Duffy, a tipsy person or two....

8:36 PM: The honorees are gathering by the stage for a QUICK awards ceremony. Read: don't worry, the bar will be open again soon. Speaking of the bar, we want to point out that live blogging is not without hazards. Witness the Champagne we just spilled all over ourselves in the attempt to get a picture.

9:00 PM: The awards ceremony was a hit - each of the 30 under 30 honorees came up to the stage (many of them toting a glass in hand) and the room went wild. Biggest cheers were for Danny Shapiro and Katherine Duncan. Woot woot.

9:11 PM: And here it is, the first photo of the 2013 30 Under 30. And a podium (it's crazy people, what do you expect).

9:24 PM: And just to prove that a certain Top Cheffer made the long and arduous journey from her spot next door. Witness:

9:33 PM: We're hearing rumors of an after party...people are starting to be on their way...we promised we wouldn't tell...

9:33:30 PM: Ok, it's in the basement of Baume & Brix - a spot dubbed The Grid. What, we're LIVE BLOGGING - you think we can keep a secret? See you there?

9:36 PM: One of our favorite moments of the party was when the group of mixologists took to the stage during the ceremony. One reveler was heard saying "it's a [redacted] beard fest! They should have a shaving cream sponsor them!" We're not sure if that's really accurate though, here's our analysis:
9:46 PM: And that's all folks. We have another 10 minutes to live up the open bar, and our Zagat blogger in Chicago, Sarah Freeman, has equal time to decide if she is going to say yes to the honoree that asked her out (who will remain nameless). As is the tradition, we're going to end with a self portrait, but this time a tad more honest. Thanks so much to Sarah for helping to make this list and the party - wait for it - EPIC! We'll be back next year. Now, to time to go hunt down all of those stolen pillows..... 

You can barely even see the champagne stains

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  1. Hey Zagat team,

    Thanks for the yummy info of young up and coming foodies in the Chicago restaurant scene. I don’t live in Chicago, but if I’m ever in the area I’ll be sure to pay these hot spots a visit!

    Thanks for the advice!

    Pink Cotton Tail
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