3/14/2013 02:36:00 PM

Julie's Planning Permission Denied

The co-founders of popular Notting Hill/Holland Park restaurant Julie's have been denied planning permission to demolish part of the restaurant and turn it into a three-bedroom mews house.

According to the Evening Standard, Cathy and Tim Herring hoped to turn the existing kitchen, pantries and some dining space of the eatery - a favourite of the late Princess Diana -  into a new home saying they could continue to operate with a new kitchen in the basement.

Kensington and Chelsea council responded saying, "The applicant has failed to demonstrate that the resulting facilities would retain a sufficient quality and scale of restaurant space to ensure there would not be a loss of valued high-quality facility space. If the use were subsequently lost there would be a negative impact on… the needs of the community and to the character of the conservation area.”

Tim Herring told the Evening Standard that they have no intention of closing the restaurant which has been open since 1969 but the application was not worded well and he plans to reapply.


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