3/04/2013 02:10:00 PM

John Sedlar Pulls the Plug on Playa

Word just dropped that John Sedlar and Bill Chait will close their Beverly Boulevard restaurant, Playa, this week. The restaurant, which debuted in 2011, was Sedlar's second baby, after he came back on the scene with Rivera Downtown. Maybe it was the big poofy light fixtures or perhaps eating maize cakes on the faces from Clockwork Orange, but something didn't take. Even the rooftop garden, visiting Baja chefs and a night with Cheech Marin couldn't help.

In the note circulating today, the two say that while Sedlar "has tremendously enjoyed the creative process of introducing Baja and Mexi-China inspired menus to Angelenos, the concept has not met the high expectations," and they'll close and retool to open "something entirely new and very exciting in the space." Bummer for 30 Under 30 winner, Kevin Luzande, who's been cooking with Sedlar since the restaurant debuted; apparently this was a quite a surprise to everyone. Still, Sedlar will toast Luzande, the staff and devout Playa fans this Wednesday, the restaurant's last night of service.


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