3/27/2013 11:00:00 AM

Jerk Gets Green Light, Grilling and Frying Chicken from a Truck

As Chicago slowly makes its way out of the mobile food dark ages, another food truck snags an illusive mobile food preparers license. It went to the Jerk truck, founded by Dion Solano and Brett Gough in August, but not gaining the ability to cook on board until earlier this month. Unlike the first truck to pick up the mobile food preparer license, this truck includes a commercial grade grill and deep fryer fueled by propane that required a special ventilation system on the roof of the truck to meet fire standards. They got it and are now serving jerk chicken, wings and fries on the streets of Chicago. It’s baby steps towards Chicago catching up with other cities’ thriving food truck scene, but maybe by summer, the Windy City will have more options for fresh prepared street eats.


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