3/19/2013 05:32:00 AM

Jamie Oliver to Open a Hot-Dog Restaurant

After years of campaigning for healthy meals and less junk food to be served in schools, Jamie Oliver has announced plans to open a hot-dog restaurant. The Dog House & Diner - a casual restaurant and takeaway - is set to open on Shaftesbury Avenue (on the site of the former Adam's Rib and Piazza Cafe) and will serve an on-trend menu of hot dogs, burgers and ribs.

Following last week's discovery about the levels of salt found in his food, it seems the British chef has some explaining to do.

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  1. STATEMENT FROM CASH - Sunday 10th March 2013 11am
    In our news release embargoed until 00.01 Monday 11th March 2013, we have included results of a survey into salt levels in restaurant food and we make certain statements about Jamie Oliver's Italian collection of restaurants. Having met with representatives from Jamie's Italian and discussed with them our results, we would now accept that Jamie's Italian is in fact doing more to reduce salt in its meals than most other restaurants.
    We were not aware before our meeting with Jamie's Italian that Jamie Oliver Ltd employs three full-time nutritionists who regularly test all food across the business - retail food, book recipes AND restaurant food - and that these tests are sent for independent analysis by a third party. In the case of the salt content of the Jamie's Italian dish ‘Jamie’s Meatballs’ quoted in our news release, we now accept that our result was unusual compared to the regular testing by Jamie's own team and therefore is not representative of Jamie's Italian meals as a whole.
    In conclusion, we applaud Jamie's commitment to reducing salt content and for signing up to the Department of Health’s Responsibility Deal Salt Catering Pledge, the first celebrity chef to do so.
    Our important message in National Salt Awareness Week remains the same - that all restaurateurs must be aware of the salt content in their dishes and must take action to reduce it where necessary. Jamie's Italian is leading the way in this respect and we are happy to make that clear.