3/25/2013 03:01:00 PM

Inside Look: Cedar Point Bar & Kitchen

Fried chicken and waffles is a winner
At of 5 PM today, a new hot food and drink destination will officially join the Fishtown cabal. Behind a bright, can’t-miss wooden deck that spans the triangular corner at Cedar and Norris, Cedar Point Bar & Kitchen is everything good about the hipster movement (see: kale martini, fried pickles), with none of the cynicism or snobbery.

This is the first booze-toting venture from Shannon Dougherty, Liz Petersen and partners (they closed NoLibs BYO A Full Plate last year), and to look at the wide-ranging menu, you might wonder if the chef dipped into the stash while thinking it up. But after tasting several of the slightly Southern, decadent-but-veg-filled dishes, we’re convinced she can pull it off. Check out what will bring in the crowds below.

2370 E. Norris St.


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