3/28/2013 01:19:00 PM

Important Education Alert: Hot Dog University at Hot Diggity

Continuing education should be part of every adult’s goal, considering how easy it is to sign up for classes on important topics of all kinds. No, we’re not talking about MOOCs, we’re talking something that sounds a lot more appealing - hot dogs! Meal Ticket alerts us to a new series of events at Hot Diggity under the moniker “Hot Dog University.”

In addition to being a professional sandwich artist (the hand-drawn on paper kind), Hawk Krall is a hot dog expert, and he’ll be leading four sessions on the history of the hot dog in America. The first takes place at 7 PM on April 22, focusing on New England dogs. Your $45 ticket includes the lesson, and - unlike tedious online college classes - plenty of food and beer while you learn.

Classes on Southern, Middle America and West Coast dogs are slated for the next several months, so this is just the beginning. Call the South Street restaurant to reserve your spot (267-886-9253).

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  1. Hot Dog University is a registered trademark of the Vienna Beef Company in Chicago, IL. Please refrain from using this name.