3/15/2013 12:45:00 PM

Ice Cream Lab, Where Science Meets Dessert, Opens Today

Since Mother Nature has given us a taste of summer this week, ice cream is in order. And starting today, you can get made-to-order liquid nitrogen ice cream at Beverly Hills' new Ice Cream Lab. Local chefs like Jose Andres, Ludovic Lefebvre and Michael Voltaggio have been playing with liquid nitrogen and food for awhile now, but ICL is the first shop to solely use it for ice cream. How it works: You walk in, order a custard or yogurt base, choose a flavor (seasonal or house favorites, all organic), and a "lab tech" freezes it right in front of your eyes, icy billowing clouds of liquid nitrogen and all, until it's a smooth creamy consistency.

House flavors include Angeles Apple Pie, made with cinnamon apples and graham crackers; Blue Velvet Cupcake, which has big chunks of blue velvet cupcake and sweet cream cheese frosting; and Salt Lick Crunch, a melding of pretzel pieces, caramel and sea salt. Servings are $5-$6 and milkshakes are $7-$8, and if your ice cream melts before you do, get it refrozen for free. Check out Ice Cream Lab today at noon; after that, regular daily hours will be Sunday to Wednesday, noon to 11 PM, and Thursday to Saturday, noon to midnight.

9461 S. Santa Monica Blvd.; 310-795-6505


  1. They are not the first in Los Angeles. Sub Zero Ice Cream & Yogurt opened in the Westfield Sherman Oaks Fashion Square last October. For a review of their offering go to: http://www.my dailyfind.com/2013/03/04/tasty-tidbits-18/

  2. Sub Zero is far more elegant and is handcrafted rather than pumped from a machine.