3/05/2013 08:57:00 AM

Houston Street's Bar Carrera Is Now Veloce West Village

There's been a lot of bar turnover on Houston Street in the past couple months - witness Rogue & Canon and Boulton and Watt, two new watering holes that are now anchoring either end of the strip. While stomping around last night, we noticed another change. The space that used to house casual tapas joint Bar Carrara is now an outpost of the Veloce wine bar chain.

The venue was open last night - while the bartender looked sharp in his suit and the wine bottles glistened, the owners are still putting the finishing touches on the space. Expect construction to be done in a few days, and cocktails to come soon - while it's beer, wine and snacks (also glistening = the prosciutto slicer) for now, a liquor license application is pending (146 W. Houston St.).


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