3/20/2013 09:00:00 AM

Hotels Test Your Loyalty With Rewards Point Changes

Photo by CUMI & CIKI via Flickr
You and your hotel chain have had a good thing going. You promise to be true to them, they throw an upgrade and maybe a few free nights your way. But we have to break it to you, the honeymoon period is over. Starwood, Marriott and Hilton have all announced loyalty program changes that mean your points may not go as far as they once did, according to CNBC. Starwood’s changes have already gone into effect. But you can book now to bypass changes to Marriott and Hilton’s programs, which go into effect May 16th and April 1st respectively.  We just emptied our Marriott accounts for a trip to Aruba. Where will you go on yours?

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  1. Never thought I'd have to bail on Marriott, but with 2 million points left of my 5, guess it;s time to jump overboard and spend like there's no tomorrow--which seems to be the case.