3/28/2013 03:57:00 PM

Hangover Alert: GoogaMooga & Manhattan Cocktail Classic Are on the Same Weekend

The Great GoogaMooga was a bit of a bust last year, but from what we hear, NYC food and music lovers are in a forgiving mood. The organizers of the festival have vowed to do better, and the VIP cocktail and kickoff concert tickets went on sale today. The boozy side of things also learned from last year - instead of letting people order unlimited hooch (which was about the only thing available - not good on a hot day that was full of starving people), they are doling out five drink tickets a head. Smart. Tickets for that are $80 a day, get them here.

While we were scoping out the ticket possibilities, we realized something major: Googa is on the same weekend this year as the Manhattan Cocktail Classic. Conflict alert! What does this mean, exactly? Well, we bet a lot of food people are gonna be way hungover when exploring the grounds of Prospect Park. Tickets for that citywide bacchanal have been selling at a rapid pace, check out the schedule here.


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