3/18/2013 05:30:00 PM

Guess the NYC Sports Bar for a Chance to Win a $300 Gift Card!

A basketball team is in Brooklyn, March Madness is revving up, the Yankees and the Mets are in spring training, and you're amped that NHL games are actually being played. Sports fever is at an all-time high with fans hitting their favorite bars around town, fueling bets with beer and fantasy league stats. Can you guess above which bar this photo was taken? If you can, you could win a $300 prepaid gift card.

In the comments below, ID the bar in the photo and in 75 words or less, tell us your favorite food to eat while watching the game. Important note: you need to be logged in with a Gmail address when you comment, so we can contact you if you win. You have until 11:59 PM on Thursday, March 21 to enter, at which point we'll go through the correct entries and pick a winner. Find the rules and regulations here and let the guessing begin!


  1. Professor thoms on 2nd and 13th... favorite food hands down, wings!

  2. Second floor of the unfortunately Boston-focused Professor Thoms on 2nd b/w 13th and 13th...gotta go with wings for bball and football... and fish and chips if watching a soccer match at Chip Shop

  3. Professor Thomas

    Nachos if they sell 'em
    Otherwise give me fries!

  4. Professor Thoms, second floor balcony - when not masquerading as a Boston-supporting bar, it's the best venue for watching the U of Michigan Wolverines (March Madness Thursday!). Their nachos, fully loaded with the green jalapenos...rock.

  5. Professor Thom's on 2nd Ave! The numbers always remind me of Lost. Anyhow, their nachos platter is pretty awesome, as is the general atmosphere. A chill place for broke college students to watch a game at.

  6. Professor Thom's.

    My favorite bar food is mozzarella sticks, with chicken fingers a close second.

  7. Professor Thomas. Their Thom's Burger is awesome.

  8. Professor Thom's! XL Nachos - Hands down the best food to eat while watching the game. Preferably during football season where Michigan fans unite. The numbers demonstrate a creative way to advertise "LOST" while bringing in new business by hosting weekly screenings.

  9. Professor Thom's on 2nd Ave in the East Village.
    It's a great bar for watching Michigan games and LOST (when it was on)
    and you gotta have nachos when watching the game!

  10. I don't recall, where we drank last night. That group called us? Sir Tin A, had no foresight. Now on the field, who am I pitchin' to... oh, Wright. With any luck I will actually be challenged by the next guy who tries to stand at what he may call home. All I see is the sweet spot where this flamingo is going to go and toss fecal ape to the crouching monkey. If I don't, I'm not getting my reward in the after hours suite box

  11. Professor Thoms

    I hope this isn't cheating but my favorite food to get for the game is a combo of Cheese Fries (with whiz of course!) and Loaded Tots! You definitely have to make sure you ask your server for extra whiz too for both dishes because you can never get enough of it! I know wings are a crowd favorite but no place in the village does their cheesy tots/fries like these guys.

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  13. The photo was taken above Professor Thom's on Second Avenue

    Take me out to the ball game
    Get me relish and kraut
    Never mind peanuts and Cracker Jack
    I don't care for haute frites in a sack
    'Cause it's love, love, love
    For the hot dog
    No tacos, sushi, or soup
    Mustard one, two three franks for me
    Tube steaks, MY BIG WHOOP!

  14. Its Professor Thom's in the East Village! The best game day munchies are definitely: salt and pepper pistachios in the shell, soft pretzels with mustard, and a cold IPA...(drop microphone) crushed it.