3/14/2013 02:49:00 PM

Graham Elliot Cooking at Son of a Gun, The Catbird Seat Comes to Animal

Toasted rice milk puff, lime sherbet, Thai basil seeds, cucumber from Catbird Seat
Jon Shook and Vinny Dotolo open their kitchens to visiting chefs with two great upcoming dinners. First, for the Cooking with Friends dinner series at Animal, Erik Anderson and Josh Habiger from Nashville's Catbird Seat will collaborate on an eight-course menu with the boys on March 25. Anderson and Habiger have been getting a lot of praise for their daily-changing menus with things like shiitake Cracker Jack, and apparently Dotolo and Shook were "blown away" by their recent meal there. $135 per person, with proceeds going to The Pablov Foundation. Call the restaurant after 2 PM for reservations (435 N. Fairfax Ave.; 323-782-9225).

And not to play restaurant-sibling favorites, on April 8 and 9, Chicago's Graham Elliot takes over the Son of a Gun kitchen on April 8 and 9, where he'll serve a five-course tasting menu of wildly imaginative delights, with graham elliot sommelier, Jamie Kluz, pouring wines. $100 per person; $40 wine pairings. Call the restaurant for reservations (8370 W. 3rd St.; 323-782-9033).

Photo: revrev/Flickr


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